THANK YOU MIDLAND!! We did it. It's time to get to work.

Campaign Platform

Having the opportunity to move to Midland, raise a family and serve this community is one of our greatest blessings.  Midland is a city with amazing people and tremendous opportunity. But reaching our full potential requires bold leadership and a change in paradigm; literally, changing the way we think about ourselves so we can change what we do for ourselves and those who will come after us. 

The Objective

My objective is clear

To partner together with the citizenry of Midland in order to begin the journey of becoming one of the greatest cities in America to live, work and raise a family – to literally shift the paradigm so that we become a destination rather than a tour of duty.  To create a local quality of life that rivals any city in Texas, while remaining focused and vigilant on the day-to-day issues affecting the lives of all Midlanders.
There’s no reason people shouldn’t want to live here.  And there’s no reason we shouldn’t be as famous for what we do above ground as we are for what we do below ground.  We have the resources and we have the talent to shift paradigms and to boldly partner towards win/win progress in the Permian Basin. To achieve this objective, I have created a basic platform for long-term growth and success that focuses on the following areas:

Trust, transparency and communication are critical to building a better Midland. We face incredible opportunities, and we need to make sure our citizens are engaged in the process and have a voice in every decision. In order to foster this new culture, I will seek to:

1. Create accessibility and foster transparency by moving city council meetings to 4:00pm or later, so that more people can attend without taking valuable time off work

2. Increase trust and communication by providing ongoing social media engagement between myself and the citizens about what we are seeking to do as a City

3. Foster ongoing trust, accessibility and communication by hosting monthly Town Hall Meetings - allowing Midlanders the opportunity to discuss city issues face-to-face with the Mayor

Having an efficient, disciplined and fiscally responsible local government is critical. We need to make sure local government works for the people, and ensure our tax dollars are being used wisely, efficiently and with great discipline. In order to achieve my stated objectives, I will seek to:

1. Foster openness, discipline and responsibility by directing all city departments to work with the city council in identifying and cutting any waste in the city budget

2. Foster greater discipline and responsibility by working with city staff, and city council, to prioritize spending on essential city services like public safety, road repair and infrastructure improvements through necessary budget adjustments

3. Keep property taxes as low as necessary through discipline, efficiency, clear departmental objectives open communication, and responsibility towards the taxpayers

4. Make sure that every department within the city is operating with clear objectives and results that serve to move us towards becoming a "Top 100 City"

The historic oil and natural gas technological transition has afforded us incredible opportunities to partner with likeminded groups to expand educational opportunities and success for our children. To make sure we are building a strong educational core for our students and their families, I will seek to:

1. Create a positive mindset and shared expectation towards success by being a vocal advocate for MISD; believing we can become one of the top ten school districts in the state if we partner together for greater progress

2. Increase educational opportunity and successes by partnering with MISD, Priority Midland, The Permian Strategic Partnership, all taxing entities, and other highly qualified partners to work towards, and create, new educational opportunities and programs in our city

3. Increase opportunity and success by partnering with Midland College, industry and other relevant parties to provide for, and strengthen, our local workforce

It is critically important that the city council robustly supports our police, firefighters and first responders and gives them the tools and support they need to succeed. I will work closely with our public safety leaders to do the following:

1. Increase public safety and security by partnering and working with local police and fire departments to provide every tool needed for success in our shared safety

2. Through budgetary discipline, efficiency and responsibility we will ensure that everything possible is being done to secure more than adequate police and fire personnel to meet our growing demands, population and security

3. In the effort to create a superb standard of living for police, fire and first responders I will work with, and alongside, our superb community of developers, builders and real estate professionals to identify, change, and improve upon all regulations and barriers to erecting affordable and excellent housing for our safety worker community

We must have a long-term plan to fix our roads and streets and improve traffic mobility. As mayor, I will do the following:

1. Along with all of our partners (Midland County, TXDOT, Permian Strategic Partnership, Priority Midland, etc.) develop a plan for annual, and long-term, repairs and maintenance of streets, as well as the construction of new streets to meet growing population and demand

2. To the best of my ability ensure that our plans include all neighborhoods and that construction, repairs and necessary maintenance are undertaken so as to limit as much disruption to our citizens as possible

In order to avoid short term, reactive thinking and planning indicative of the boom and bust cycles of our past history, we must foster strategic thinking that accounts for long-term growth in all relevant areas. To achieve this, I will seek to:

2. Improve partnerships with existing entities such as the Midland Development Corporation, Priority Midland, The Permian Strategic Partnership, and others, to avoid duplication of efforts, keep costs down and propel Midland into its place as a top 100 city in the country

3. Making sure Priority Midland is in a position to succeed where others might have fallen short by collectively developing long-term plans to address identified issues such as housing, health care, education, infrastructure and other issue critical to our journey to Top 100 status